Welcome to the Dixykatz Website

Dixykatz Cattery is situated in the Franklin District, South of Auckland, New Zealand.

As a little girl, my family always had a moggie cat, and hence my love of cats began.

My introduction to the Persian breed came later, when my daughter purchased a cream point Persian, whom she called Anton. One turned into two, when I purchased a blue point named Sophie. It was a sad day when, at the grand ages of 18 and 17 years they passed on. I decided then to purchase cats suitable for the show bench, and so my days of exhibiting started some four years ago.

It has always been a dream of mine to have a small breeding cattery, and hence my prefix of Dixykatz was applied for, and registered with both the New Zealand Cat Fancy Assn and Catz Inc.

I have now purchased my first breeding boys, importing two studs into New Zealand; an International CFA Champion from Germany and a young kitten from Shawtop Cattery in Brisbane, Australia. The first queen I have purchased is also from Shawtop, and a younger kitten from Mshindi Persians in Sydney, Australia.

I would like to thank everybody who has helped and supported me, to turn my dream into reality.